Division of Nephrology / Dialysis Unit

Key contacts:
• Director, Division of Nephrology: Dr. Johana Eid  
• Program Manager, Dialysis:  Margaret Kerr  
• Assistant Head Nurse, Dialysis:  Elizabeth Carvalho    

Contact information / Hours of operation:
• Nephrology Offices: R-6307        
Monday to Friday from 08:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Telephone:  514-345-3511, extension 3699

• Dialysis Unit: R-6340     
Monday to Saturday from 07:30 AM to 11:30 PM.
Sunday closed
Telephone:  514-345-3511, extension 3266

Nephrology is the medical specialty that studies the structure and functioning of the kidneys and the pathophysiology of hypertension and that is concerned with the work-up, diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease and hypertension.

Kidney diseases include those affecting the intrinsic components of the kidney, namely the glomeruli, the interstitium and the vascular space.

Kidney disease also include those resulting in disturbances of electrolytes, water and acid-base balance, and in disregulations of blood pressure control.

Such diseases could be specific and localized to the kidney or involve multiple organ systems.

The Division of Nephrology at SMHC offers out-patient and in-patient consultations and follow-ups in general nephrology, hypertension, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and chronic kidney disease, as well as end-stage kidney disease requiring dialysis.

A newly built, state of the art, dialysis facility provides comprehensive multidisciplinary care to patients living with chronic and end stage kidney disease. Our highly dedicated multidisciplinary health care team is made up of Nephrologists, specially trained nurses, a renal dietician, social worker, spiritual care professional, and a recreational therapist. 

We provide quality care according to the National Kidney Foundation Clinical Practice Guidelines using ultra specialized equipment with the most up to date technology. We are currently running at full capacity!

 Working in partnership with our patients and families we promote ongoing patient education and support designed to empower our patients to effectively manage their disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle!