Orientation sessions

Orientation sessions familiarize our new patients and their families with the SMHC Cancer Care Program. It allows patients to learn about cancer services and resources that may be helpful during or after treatment and provides a better understanding of what to expect during a visit. These sessions also provide and offer suggestions for dealing with the emotional challenges of living with cancer and give patients tools to actively participate in their care.  They offer patients the opportunity to familiarize themselves with our facility and the process of care.  

The latter part of the orientation session is based on Nutrition at which time a nutritionist will provide information on how cancer and its treatments can change your eating habits, especially if you have side effects.  You may not tolerate certain foods and your body’s ability to use the nutrients in foods may be affected. 

The Orientation sessions normally last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and are held on a weekly basis for new patients to the Cancer Care Program.  Sessions are bilingual and conducted by a member of the team.