Psychiatry - Mental Health

The Department of Psychiatry and the Mental Health Program of St. Mary’s Hospital Centre offers clinical services, training and research in psychiatry/mental health.

Clinical services include emergency and admission units and adult and psychogeriatric outpatient clinics.

Professional training, affiliated with McGill University, includes teaching and clinical rotations for residents in psychiatry and family medicine, medical students, and interns in psychology, occupational health, nursing and social work.

Research, often in collaboration with our Research Centre, covers all relevant disciplines.

Dr. Santokh Singh
Chief, Department of Psychiatry
514-345-3511 ext.: 3358

Christianne Bourgie, inf. M.Sc.inf.
Program Manager, Mental Health
514-345-3511 ext.: 3382

General assistance:
514-345-3511 ext.: 3349

Admission unit: hospital, 3rd floor south
Outpatient clinic: hospital 3rd floor and 4th floor Hayes Pavilion

Hours of operations:
Admission unit visiting hours:
Monday-Friday: 19h00-21h00
Weekends and holidays: 14h00-16h00 and 19h00-21h00

Outpatient clinic: 
8h30-16h30: 3rd floor hospital
9h00-17h00: 4th floor Hayes Pavilion