Statement regarding Hospital policies and protocols addressing medical training and patient safety

As a McGill-affiliated hospital, St Mary’s Hospital takes our teaching mission very seriously, particularly with respect to our obligation to preserve the safety and security of our patients during their interaction with medical students and residents. There are robust policies and procedures, in line with provincial laws, which encourage any employee or physician to report issues regarding patient safety and security.

As a well-established teaching hospital, St. Mary's has developed and applies rigorous supervision of medical trainees. This pertains, not only to medical expertise, but also to the critical area of professionalism. Interaction among employees, health care workers and medical professionals needs to be respectful and collaborative – and there are policies that are intolerant of harassment and intimidation. Medical residents and students are not only provided with a clinical education, but must also learn and adhere to these hospital policies and codes of professional conduct.

Please Note: There will be no interviews granted on this issue. Thank you for your understanding.

St. Mary's Hospital Center