Surgeries at St. Mary’s Hospital Centre : return to normal

St. Mary’s Hospital Centre would like to inform you that surgeries are progressively returning to its normal pace, which had been slowed down since October 28th because of a problem with instrument sterilization. The results of the analysis show that an imbalance in one of the steps of the sterilization process caused the problem. Preliminary findings indicated that residues were not harmful, further testing confirmed that they are inert and non-bacterial. The progressive return to a normal surgical pace can precisely be explained because of the significant volume of instruments to be sterilized before resuming this normal pace.

“I must absolutely stress the extraordinary support provided to St. Mary’s Hospital by the other two hospitals of our IUHSSC, Lakeshore and LaSalle, for sterilizing surgical instruments. Thanks to the incredible work of the employees involved, St. Mary’s was able to continue surgeries. This situation shows the exemplary collaboration work in our new structure resulting from the reform. Thanks also to other Montréal hospitals who gave us a helping hand in the last few days.” declared Benoit Morin, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Montréal West Island IUHSSC.

All users whose surgeries have been cancelled or postponed will be contacted to set a new appointment. St. Mary’s Hospital plans to proceed within deadlines set by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. Users can call the following number for information: 514 630-2123.

Problems with instrument sterilization are rare, but not exceptional. No user was put at risk because of this slow-down. Experts have confirmed that the sterilization equipment is perfectly operational, that they were not damaged and that their quality is not in question. Practically all surgical instruments are currently being sterilized. Only a few, older ones, have been replaced with new ones. 

The Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre emerged from the grouping of the West-Island HSSC, the CSSS Dorval-Lachine-LaSalle, the St. Mary’s Hospital Centre, the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, the West Montreal Readaptation Centre, the Grace Dart Extended Care Centre and Batshaw Youth and Family Centres. It includes no less than 9000 employees and 750 physicians.