Medical Records

Confidentiality , a way of life that is important to us.

The Medical Records Department manages the information contained in your medical record.

We are responsible for the creation and the destruction of the medical record,  the processing of statistics of the information,  the delay of conservation and the access and protection of the personal information contained in your medical record.

The Medical Archivist handles rigorously the requests for medical information respecting the laws and regulations in force. The written consent of the user or is legal representative is required for any disclosure of information.

The Article 19 of the Law of Health Care and Social Services dictates this conduct:
“The record of a user is confidential and no person may have access to it except with the authorization of the user or the person qualified to give authorization on his behalf…”

Access to medical record

Please print the form, complete it, sign it and return it in the mail. We answer only original requests received  in the mail.

Form to request a copy of  a medical record

Form to request a copy of a medical record of a deceased user
Please join the justifying proofs for the access of a record of a deceased user.

No fax or E mail accepted.
Specify to whom (name & address) documents should be sent.

Delay:  about two weeks following the reception of your request
Cost:    charges required for copies of a record exceeding 20 pages.

Our coordinates:
St-Mary Hospital Center
Medical Records Department
3830 Lacombe
Montreal PQ
H3T 1M5
Tel: 514-734-2617

Office 1328, 1st floor
Open from Monday to Friday between 8h30 to 16h30
(Closed on Holidays)

Please contact our office for additional information.