Hospital charges

Medical Services/Hospitalization

Quebec Residents:
Medical services can be provided only upon presentation of a valid Medicare Card. Please make sure that you bring your Medicare Card with you.

Non Quebec Residents:
Hospitalization expenses are covered for residents of other Canadian Provinces provided they present a valid Medicare Card from their province.

Non Residents:
Patients from any other country are responsible for all hospitalization expenses, visits to clinics and to the emergency department. A deposit for (3) days is required prior to admission. You will be billed separately for the fees of the Emergency Room doctor, the anaesthetist and the surgeon, should you require surgery.

Room Charges/Deposit:
The room rates are set by the Ministry of Health & Social Services. These are posted in each room. Should you request a private or semi private room, you will be asked to pay the daily rate. If you have insurance, these costs are generally covered by your insurance company depending on your insurance policy. If you do not have insurance, a 3-day deposit is required.

Long Term Charges:
Long Term charges will apply when you no longer need active treatment, i.e, when your medical condition has stabilized. Your doctor will make this decision and you will then be charged the daily rate of the room that you occupy as per government directives. The Discharge Department will help you to complete your application.