Maternity patients


Fathers’/Family Waiting Room:
There is a special room in the Case Room for family members who are waiting for the birth of their child.

Following childbirth, after a short period of recovery in the Delivery Room, you and your baby will be admitted directly to your room in the Obstetrical Area. Your husband/partner, or someone you choose may stay with you and help to care for your baby during your time in the hospital. If your baby needs to be watched closely, or if you are too sick to look after your infant, he/she will be cared for in the Observation Nursery. We will do our best to provide you with your choice of room (private or semi-private) as soon as one becomes available.

Circumcisions are not covered under Medicare. Should you wish to have your son circumcised, please speak to the Unit Coordinator who will inform you of the fees of the paediatrician as well as the hospital charges.

If all goes well, and if you have had a normal vaginal delivery, and this is not your first baby, you should be able to leave the hospital early. If you have questions or concerns once you are at home, call our Telephone Hot Line at 345-3511 ext. 3336. A nurse will be available to help you.