Other charges

Telephone Costs:
You will be asked to give a deposit of $4.00, upon admission, for the use of the telephone and there is a charge of $2.00/day.

Dial 9 before placing your call. Should you need to make a long distance call, please dial 0 and inform the Bell Canada Operator how the call will be paid; - your calling card, a collect call, etc. You can also obtain a Card Hello in our Admitting Department.

The use of cellular phones within the hospital may create difficulties with the proper functioning of medical equipment. We ask for your cooperation in not using your cellular phone for the safety and security of our patients.

Ambulance Charges:
Unless a doctor has signed a form stating that you require transportation by ambulance for medical reasons, you will have to pay the ambulance charges. This applies also to patients who are 65 and over.

Parking Rates:
We suggest that you have someone bring you to the hospital to avoid the daily rate for parking. Information concerning parking fees can be found on the Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre's website.

Questions about Hospital Charges:
If you have any questions concerning hospital charges, please contact our Discharge Department at 734-2670, or pass by the office, Ground floor.