Send an email to a loved one

The Department of Volunteer Resources regularly delivers emails to patients from family and friends. Here are the steps to follow if you wish to send your loved one a message.

1. Please send your email to the following address:
2. On the subject line, indicate “Email to a patient” along with the patient’s full name and his/her room number; if you don’t know the patient’s room number, please indicate the department in which the patient is currently staying (eg. Cancer Care, Maternal-Child Care, Medicine, Mental Health, Surgery);
3. Be sure to include the patient’s maiden name where applicable;
4. Include your message in the text space;
5. Once the message has been delivered to the patient, you will receive a confirmation message from one of the volunteers.
For questions, please contact the Department of Volunteer Resources: (514) 345-3511 ext.6563.