What to bring

The hospital will provide you with a gown. We suggest that you bring a robe, pyjamas/nightgown, (nonslip) slippers , underwear and personal toilet articles (toothbrush, toothpaste, tissues, comb, shaving material, shampoo, etc.). Should you forget any of these articles, or run out, you can purchase these in our Gift Shop on the Ground Floor.

Keeping your personal items safe:
Do not bring valuable items, cash or credit cards to the hospital. The hospital is responsible only for valuables and money that have been brought to our Admitting/Discharge Department for safekeeping and for which a receipt has been issued. If you choose to keep valuable items (chains, rings, wedding rings, watches or any other type of jewelry, money) on you or at your bedside, the hospital is not responsible for any loss. Forms are available on the unit for safekeeping.

Lost & Found:
Should you lose any of your personal belongings, report this to your nurse immediately or contact Security at 514-345-3511 ext. 3348. Any item that has been turned in to Security is recorded in a Register with a description of the item.

Dentures, Eye Glasses, Hearing Aids:
Please place your dentures in your denture cup when you are not wearing them. Do not wrap your dentures in a tissue or leave them on your tray or in your bedding. Please put your eyeglasses and hearing aid in your night table when not in use. Should you lose any of these items, please report this to your nurse immediately and a search will be carried out.

If you bring your radio please use earphones so as to keep the noise level to a minimum for the comfort of the other patients.

You can rent a television on a daily or weekly basis. Arrangements can be made at the nursing station. You cannot bring your own T.V. to the hospital.

Electrical Appliances:
Privately owned electrical appliances having a heating or cooling element are not permitted for use in patient rooms for safety reasons. These include coffee pots, electric kettles, toasters, etc.

St. Mary’s is a smoke-free institution and we ask you to comply with non-smoking regulations.

Please bring with you a list of all the medication that you take, including the name, dosage and frequency. This medication will be reviewed before new treatments and medication are ordered. Generally any medication that you bring with you will be turned over to your nurse and subsequently given to a member of your family to take home. Should your medication be kept in safekeeping on the unit, make sure it is given back to you prior to your discharge.

If you have prepared a document naming someone to speak on your behalf should you be unable to do so, or have a living will or an advance directive, please inform a member of your health team as soon as possible after your admission. Forms are available for such purposes. Please call 734-2618.