About St. Mary's

As one of Montreal's finest hospitals, St. Mary's has a proud heritage of serving the community for more than 85 years. This acute-care, specialized hospital with 271 adult beds, is located in the heart of Montreal, in the Côte-des-Neiges Notre-Dame-de-Grace borough.  St. Mary's enjoys serving a culturally diverse community that comprises over 100 different languages including English and French!

The official designation as a university affiliated teaching hospital or a CHAU (Centre hospitalier affilié universitaire) has raised our  profile as a McGill University affiliated teaching hospital, further reinforcing our commitment and ability to deliver high quality healthcare while playing a leading role in the areas of teaching and research. As a consequence of this important recognition, the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Community Studies has been growing exponentially, and a number of national and international leaders in this field have joined our team. Together, we will be able to diversify and multiply our research projects, thus bringing state-of-the-art care to an always-increasing number of patients.

Through its teaching mission, St. Mary’s Hospital Center (SMHC) helps to train physicians, nurses and a variety of other healthcare professionals in various disciplines in order to maintain the quality of care offered to the present generation and those to come. We also contribute to the technical training of a large number of high school and college students from a wide range of disciplines.

Over 4,300 babies are delivered annually at St. Mary’s, which is the first hospital in Montreal to have received the World Health Organization’s (WHO) international recognition of “Baby Friendly Hospital” Status by the Quebec Ministry of Health

Its progressive and active Family Medicine residency training program is one of the largest and most sought after in Canada. The Emergency Department has been recognized as being one of the most efficient in the province and, in October 2009, received the “Coup de Coeur”, a special award from the Minister of Health and Social Services, for having maintained the lowest level of congestion for the whole Montreal region.

The Hospital also provides numerous highly specialized services such as renal dialysis, oncology, geriatric assessment and psycho-geriatrics, nuclear medicine, C.T. scan as well as MRI exams. There are over 53,000 outpatient clinic visits, 10,000 patients seen in the surgical day centre, and over 16,000 patient admissions, in addition to ambulatory care visits, annually. The laboratory department is the only hospital lab in the province currently certified by the College of American Pathologists since 1995.  Modern cataract surgery in Canada was pioneered at St. Mary’s Hospital Center. Today, it is recognized as one of two designated cataract surgery sites in Montreal, with over 5,250 surgeries performed annually.

The Hospital is noted for its devotion to patients, its dedication to its multicultural community, its motivation to the achievement of excellence, and a very caring and collaborative spirit. St. Mary’s is renowned for its high-tech, high-touch compassionate care.

Accredited by Accreditation Canada in 2012 “with commendation”, SMHC is also proud to be Canada’s first hospital facility to receive the EcoLogo Program’s Environmental Stewardship Award, presented to organizations in recognition of their environmentally friendly actions.